Top 10 Jeeps for Great Off Road Experience

Top 10 Jeeps for Great Off Road Experience

Our motivations in ranking the world’s top off-road vehicles are simple, although it must be said that making final choices on our own ratings criteria – with our least-favored vehicle listed first, and our preferred choice highlighted last on this list – was never going to be easy.

Overall, this top-ten feature runs in ascending order and is influenced by popular and expert recommendations which are consistent and universally agreed to.

Because we are taking into account a sense of adventure, an essential requirement for the true off-road venture, we also relied on sentiment along with discerning objectivity to draw up our final choice. The emphasis is on manual operations to ensure a truly authentic and spirited off-road drive.

And, like us, the true adventurer will be driving about a lot at night. To this end we looked at which vehicle would be perfectly suited for being equipped with the economical, energy-saving, durable and versatile LED light choice offerings from Black Oak LED.

  1. 2015 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

As motor car enthusiasts, we are avid fans of the Mercedes-Benz stable. But as expert off-road drivers, we’re not about to rush off to buy the most expensive off-road option. That this G-Class has its expected high-end style is never in dispute, but it’s far too clunky and heavy for our off-road mission. For us, it’s a write-off.

  1. 2015 RAM 2500 Power Wagon

This relatively unknown pick-up makes its entry mainly on sentiment. Aesthetically and perfunctorily it’s an all-American in the true sense of the word. But will it perform optimally off-road? While it’s fitted with all the traditional workmanlike accoutrements and the all-important Bilstein shock absorbers, we’re not entirely pleased with the automatic gear-shifting features because it’s going to diminish our off-road driving experience. What we do like, however, is the sustainable feature of this wagon’s Fuel Safety Technology.

  1. 2015 Jeep Wrangler

What impresses us the most about this traditional brand is that it continues to be upgraded with the essential four-wheel drive mechanism, in spite of its billing as a sports utility vehicle (SUV) rather than a hardy off-road Jeep. It’s a versatile choice for drivers who will be spending more time on flat roads. And drivers still have choices to make between the preferred six-speed manual transmission system and the convenient five-speed automatic option.

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