Make Your Home Winter-Ready

While the flowers go into hiding and the leaves start to turn, the summer’s last sunny days are the best time to start considering whether your house is already winter-ready. Do not wait to do some action during mid-winter to do your plans for preparing your home. Doing this earlier will indicate that you will stay comfortable and cozy all throughout the winter season. Below are some of the best ways to start prepping your home for winter before the temperature decreases: 

Replace and clean furnace filters 

In houses with central heat, behind the vents and vents in furnaces could become dirty. Once this occurs, they can limit airflow. This can result to make your energy bill increase since your heating system needs to work double-time just to make your home heated. Moreover, dirty filters can give off particles into the air, which could worsen breathing and allergy conditions. During cold weather, it would be advised to clean or change your filter at least once per month. 

Set up storm windows and doors 

It might be usual for doors and windows to be winterized every year, depending on where you reside. If you are considering setting up new windows and doors to protect your home during winter, this is the best time to do so. Doing this improvement could boost your energy consumption’s effectiveness. 

Buy or make draft stoppers 

If you do not have enough resources to change your old doors, you can easily create a draft snake to prevent air from getting under your door. A draft stopper, or draft snake, is a tube of fabric packed with sand. This is one of the easiest measures to take to immediately winterize your home, 

Improve your furnace 

Though it could be a demanding commitment to have a major purchase, such as a new furnace, it could actually create a massive difference in how prepared your house is to welcome the winter weather. Once your furnace is over 10 years old, it would be worth looking into how effective it is. It is recommended to buy a furnace that’s Energy Star certified since it is guaranteed to help you save up to 20 percent on top of the money you will save on your bill every month.  


Contact Handyman Winston now  

If you don’t have enough time to think about doing all the improvements in your house yourself, it would be best if you choose to have your property professionally done. This is the greatest approach to make sure of having a positive end-result. However, you should look for a quality handyman company that offers great fire and handyman services within the vicinity of Winston. Thankfully, Handyman Winston is here to help you with any problems you have with your property after fire or water damage. You can reach us by messaging us online, giving us a call, or visiting our website. Check out more of our offered services and products right now for you to enjoy them. 

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Different Kinds of Window Designs and Styles You May Consider 

If you are going to compare the different windows that we had before in our house and even to put to the living room and to the different room areas. We were very happy long time ago to have those wooden types of windows as it would give us a chance to open it and inhale the fresher air outside. Most of the modern types of window installation would give you the higher expense but of course, the quality that you are looking for in a window and the style. Some might not think about the future costs of it when it comes to repairing the damages and the parts of it when there is an unpleasant weather or season.  


Others would always think about the cost that they could have from their installation and by this, they don’t want to spend more money and waste their time for repairs. Of course, you may think that the best type of window that is suitable for your place and to your weather would be the best one to think or consider. In this way, you could imagine if you are going to add more repairs in the future or to think about the different kinds of styles and installation project there. One good example, is when you have a lot of kids in your neighborhood and most of them like to play baseball or the wind is always strong in there.  

We can reveal to you here some of the window designs that you can consider for your home and the different styles that you could try to your apartment now 

If you are always worried about the strong wind or the birds and animals which keep on trying to get inside of the house because they can open the window. Then, you might want to have a fixed type of window which could be very nice for those people who are always thinking about those above problems and the trouble. Of course, you need to think clearly if you want to have this one as you don’t have the chance to open it and it means that there’s no air. You can check your location first, if this one fits or not especially when the weather in your city is too hot and there is no chance for cooler days.  

One of the most typical ones that we always have in our home and even in the province is the hung type of windows which could be double or single. This one is easy to repair as long as the damage is manageable and you know how to fix the damage right away to avoid making this one as worst. Most of the time, it is not about the design that you need to worry more as it depends on the materials that you are going to use for this. At the same time, you need to make sure that you have the time to inspect and clean the windows to get away from those chances of being damaged.  


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Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

The spot that is easily forgotten by new homeowners is the yard. Unlike apartments, yards must be maintained and cared for so that your home will look great. Some cities even have local codes to prevent overgrown lawns. New homeowners make mistakes, especially when it’s about their yard.   


Listed below are what all homeowners must know as far as lawn care is concerned. If you want to make your landscape beautiful, the only way to go about it is to hire Edmonton professional landscaping experts. However, these tips will also help you greatly. 

  1. Buy a lawnmower.

When creating a budget for your newly bought house, you may have overlooked buying a lawnmower. It’s an item that you want to invest in. The type of lawnmower that you should purchase relies on your home’s size. You may buy the eco-friendly type, which is the manual push lawnmower, if you only have a small yard. While the price of the reel-type lawnmower is lower, it works manually. That means you’ll do most of the work. 

  1. Mow your lawn regularly.

As soon as you’ve purchased a lawnmower, you may now mow the lawn. It may seem easy to mow the lawn, but you’ll want to first learn a few things to do the job right. First, schedule a routine for doing lawn care tasks. Most lawns must be mowed every 5 to7 days. It depends on the climate in your area, particularly how frequently it rains throughout the year. You want the grass to be cut just right, which is between 2 and 4 inches in height. Remember that cutting the grass too short will invite more pests and bring weeds into your lawn. 

  1. Water the lawn. 

The summer heat can make your grass brownish and brittle, and that won’t make your home look good. Watering your lawn every morning will bring for great results. The quantity of water to use will depend on the amount of grass in the lawn. To make things easier for you and to make your grass healthier, it is best to install a sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems are great investments for new homeowners. Installing one a will only cost you a couple of thousand dollars. 

  1. Remove weed.

I don’t know it yet your landscape’s worst enemy is the weed. Try pulling them out and they’ll be back the next morning. Weeds have deep roots and they tend to regrow and spread if not removed properly. If you’re using your hand to pull the weeds by hand, be sure that you’re using a shovel to remove all its roots. If too much weed is growing on your yard, then you want to have your lawn treated. Most home landscaping shops can provide DIY weed treatments. If in case those solutions fail to work, then it’s time to contact a professional landscaping service provider. 

With these tips in mind, you should be able to make your landscape look as good as it should be without spending a fortune on it. Just don’t hesitate to seek the help of the experts if things seem to go out of hand.  






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Adding Color to Your Room

Nothing brightens up a newly built house or room than painting its walls with a fresh coat of paint with the color of your choice. With literally millions of colors to choose from, with different finish types, there is no shortage of options for you to find the look for your new space. Painting your room can also be a fun and exciting activity, which brings you one step closer to getting the room of your dreams. Painting your room, however, requires a lot of patience and preparation, to ensure that your paint job will be spot on.   



There are several steps that you should take when it comes to painting your interiors. This not only makes you prepared for the painting, but it ensures that you will get out with a clean looking paint job that will elevate the look of the room.   


The first step that you need to take when it comes to preparing your room is doing a little math to prepare you for getting the materials that you need. Taking the measurements of the walls and spaces that you will paint will give you a rough idea of how much paint you will need. This includes the number of coats that you will paint, along with the primer and how porous the actual wall is. Getting the right amount of paint will ensure a smooth paint job and makes sure that you won’t run out of paint throughout your paint job. A little extra paint will also help for future repairs.   


Trying out paint samples also gives you an idea of how the color of your choice will turn out. This ensures that you will be happy with the color and the paint that you will get. Overlooking this step can lead you to buy lots of paint that will end up not being used because it looks different from how you imagined.   


When it comes to Rochester painting, preparation is key. Painting can be a messy activity, with unavoidable drops, blots, and splatters. Taking time to prepare the room, covering the spaces that you wouldn’t want the paint to get on will save you a ton of time after you’ve finished with painting and when the time to clean up comes.   


If you’re not using a primer and paint all-in-one combination, then using a high-quality primer will effectively make your paint job better. Primers not only covers up old dirt spots and stains, but it gives the wall an extra layer of the top coat of paint to adhere to. A primer layer also improves the outcome of the color of the paint that you plan on using for your room.   


Come painting time, beginning in the corners and sides gives you a better painting experience with rollers. Doing so will result in smoother work especially in the areas near the edges of the walls. Rollers also save you a lot of time, as it covers a large portion of the wall significantly faster than most brushes.  


For a consistent color throughout your room, mix large batches of paint into a larger container, and mix thoroughly, to give you a uniform mixture that you can use for the bulk of your paint job.  This ensures that you will have consistent shades all throughout the room that you are painting.   


Painting your room is not only a fun activity, but it also saves you a lot of money as well. Taking the necessary steps in preparation, planning and making sure you have everything you need for your paint job will ensure a smooth and headache free paint job that you will surely be proud.

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